Spring Black Bear $4500USD


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This hunt will have you landing in Ft. McMurray, Alberta, where we will pick you up and take you to the hunting area by float plane, or a combination of truck, jet boat, and argo. Once the licenses are squared away, we will confirm the zero of weapons and take you out for the evening hunt. Although we typically only hunt evenings, the extremely long northern days will still have you in the stand from about 4:30PM to 10:00PM (6+ hours), and you should come prepared with some reading material and a battery pack. For the following week you will wake for coffee and breakfast late in the morning, bait with your guide until roughly 3:00pm, lunch in the field, followed by the evening sit. The final day of the hunt we will pack up and transport you to the airport/hotel.


The Area

The area is categorized as Northern Boreal Forest. It is a seemingly endless expanse of lakes, swamp, pine and aspen that reaches to the treeline in the arctic circle. This topography is nearly impossible to access without someone working full time to manage the assets required, and is even impervious to oil and gas exploration in the summer months. Float planes, 6X6 amphibious UTV, and jet boats are all apart of the fleet we need to operate. As a result of this difficulty, there is near non-existent hunting pressure to compete with. Bears may be as old as 15 years without ever having been pressured by humans. There have been several massive forest fires that have burned through the area in the last ten years, and it has resulted in an incredible amount of feed and forage that was previously unavailable, spuring accelerated growth and density. Our zone is also extremely large, and this allows us to systematically rest our sites for long periods of time, ensuring we can offer the same experience for all of our clients.

We Have Color Phase Bears

During our Fall 2018 moose hunts, we observed a 37% color phase. It is important to distinguish this is not the percentage of color bears killed, but color bears observed. If you are specifically looking for a color black bear, there is a very high likelihood of you being able to capitalize.

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What is included

  • Transportation to, from, and around the hunting area.

  • 2:1 Hunter:Guide

  • Field preparation of hide. (Skinned, head and paws in, frozen)

  • All accommodations, food and non-alcoholic beverages from pickup to dropoff

  • Use of our precision client rifles. No need to worry about flying and bringing firearms across the border!

  • Licenses (Wildlife Certificate, Bear Hunting License, Wolf/Coyote License)

  • TAXES! This price is THE price. Aside from your flights, it is 100% possible to come and hunt and only spend the advertised amount!

  • A guide to sit with you! Bears are extremely hard to judge, and while a guide can’t sit in the tree with you every night (they are very busy running the line), there will be a couple hunts early where your guide will be able to sit with you and teach you to field judge on your own. Nobody wants you to take a bear only to find out you misjudged. This also helps get some amazing pictures and video of your adventure to Alberta.

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what is not included

  • Alcohol

  • 1:1 Hunter:Guide ($1500)

  • Float planes for dedicated solo hunter on 1:1 hunt ($1300, subject to changes in fuel costs)

  • Hotels before and after the hunt

  • Taxidermy, butchering, and shipping costs. This is something that we can take care of.

  • Gratuities

  • Trophy fee for second bear ($1500)

  • Fishing Licence

  • Caping fee for animals requiring full skinning and salt ($150 paid directly to the guide doing the work)


What you will need

  • Grit. The terrain is difficult and vast. You can expect machines to get stuck. You can expect to be uncomfortable at times, be it from heat, cold, or bugs. We do what we can to have the necessities, but it is impossible for us to carry the kitchen sink back here. Simple field cooked meals, and humble wall tent accommodations is the trade off for being able to hunt massive, unpressured black bears, with excellent color phase percentage.

  • Rain Gear. The weather is extremely unpredictable, you will want rain gear you can pack in your bag every day.

  • Fixed Broadheads. Our suggestion, not a dealbreaker. Shots are typically shorter, and big bears have big bones. Toxic broadheads are absolutely not allowed in camp.

  • Patience. High winds and other conditions can put a damper on bear activity. Staying patient is the key to success. While many of the bears in our area are completely unpressured, black bears have a huge range and roam unbelievable distances in the rut. We see some that have clearly been around the block and know the risk of being in a bait site, but our guides are masters of the chess game to fool these big educated bears as well.


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