Spring Black Bear

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 While baiting a location this young boar came into the site for first dibs on peanut butter popcorn dusted with icing sugar.

While baiting a location this young boar came into the site for first dibs on peanut butter popcorn dusted with icing sugar.

Last spring, Laforce Outdoors set out to do something different then any other outfitter has done in Alberta. We offered an introductory bear hunting experience that taught those new to the sport, the basics on being successful. We taught our clients how to pick baiting locations and showed them our secrets to get mature bears in site during daylight hours. Laforce Outdoors is proud to announce it will continue to set itself apart from all other outfitters presently operating in Alberta.

Camp Details

Our main camp will always consist of a 4 season tents, cots, wood stoves, table, propane grill, and a large aluminum box for bear proof storage. Our camps are also always planted in a tactically sound location to avoid theft, as well as protected by an electric fence and tripwire to deter bears. While we do have food in the camp for emergencies, clients are asked to bring their own groceries. This enables us to keep our hunts as financially accessible as possible, and allows those wishing to have steak and Mountain House for every meal, as well as those on a budget (instant oatmeal, Kraft Dinner, and Lipton Sidekicks is our favorite) to attend our hunts. Clients that wish to stay in a holiday trailer or RV as opposed to our camp are welcome to do so, we can also can work with those wishing to stay in a hotel/motel in a nearby small town.

Hunt Breakdown-Baited

If you can arrive in camp early enough to get into a treestand on day one, we will do everything we can to get you looking at bears right away. The following days you can come with us re-stocking baits and we will go over, in detail, every aspect from why we are using the bait we are using, why we selected that location for a bait, and dozens of tricks we use to win the chess game of tricking big boars to come in during daylight hours. While we can not sit in the tree with you every night, a few nights of your hunt a guide will sit with you and talk about the bears that come in, and what makes them "shooters" and what makes them "passers".

Hunt Breakdown-Spot/Stalk

Generally*** hunts will start at noon, where we will meet at a staging area accessible by most vehicles and cross load your gear onto our 4x4 or ATV. From there we will move into the main camp that we will operate out of, and unpack everything we will not need for a 2-3 day long "patrol". Once this is completed, it will be time to step off for a short hike and evening hunt. The purpose of this hunt is to ensure everyone has all the gear they need, and it is packed properly. The morning of day two we will step off for a 2-3 long day "patrol" that will have us looking for fresh sign of mature boars. The next couple nights we will make camp and sleep where ever it is we stop, ideally on a high feature so we can glass from our sleeping bags. By the fourth night we should be back in the main camp to enjoy the warmth of the stove and dry out. Depending on how everyone is feeling, we will generally have time for a another multi-day loop, or do a few single day loops. On the last morning, we will hunt our way back to the staging area, and load up any meat you have attained. This is simply an example and we can tailor a hunt that works with your needs and wants.

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