Client Rifles


General Purpose Hunting Rifle

The rifles we use at Laforce Outdoors vary from situation to situation. Our hands down favorite is the Tikka T3 Lite Stainless.  We own a few of these rifles chambered in a variety of cartridges, most notably .300 WSM and .223 Rem. All of the rifles we have bought shoot sub .5MOA groups  and have held .5MOA to the effective limits of the cartridge (800m for .300wsm, 400m for .223rem). The .300wsm is used for all hunting applications, and the .223rem is used for assessing shooter capability, as well as educational purposes and training.

We place our Tikka rifles in MDT HS3 and LSS chassis that allow us to tailor the rifle to the hunt we are performing. The ergonomic advantages with these chassis are notable and the barreled actions can be swapped around at will without effecting the point of impact. This gives us a great deal of flexibility for changing from long range prairie hunts close to the truck, to deep back country hunts where every ounce counts.